Greenhouse and HelloSign API Offer New Hires a Seamless Digital Onboarding Experience

Greenhouse Software offers industry-leading solutions to help all companies become great at hiring. Using their recruiting and onboarding software, candidates experience a seamless and digital experience from the first touchpoint.

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HelloSign API

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Image showing a number of downloadable documents
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Image of the HelloSign product

Onboarding Documents for New Hires

New hires at Greenhouse have multiple documents they need to sign from the moment an offer is accepted. These include the offer letter, I-9s and tax forms.


A Structured and Automated Onboarding Experience

Greenhouse, together with HelloSign, ensures a smooth and seamless experience to complete administrative tasks quickly and easily so People teams can focus on giving new hires a great experience.


A Cohesive Signing Process

La marca totalmente personalizable crea una experiencia de firma fluida, por lo que el proceso de incorporación de un empleado nuevo es perfecto y sin fricciones ni confusión.

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The Challenge
The Opportunity

Onboarding In A Remote World

Businesses worldwide are increasingly expanding their distributed workforce models. The traditional pen and paper onboarding process is outdated and lacks the flexibility that companies need to support a remote or mixed workforce. People and Talent teams rely on digital and integrated solutions during every step of the hiring process—including scheduling, testing, and video conferencing—and the onboarding process shouldn’t be any different.

Recognizing the pain of signing and organizing multiple packets of confidential HR paperwork in their customers’ HR workflows, Greenhouse embedded eSignatures into its Greenhouse Onboarding solution. Rather than juggling multiple pieces of paper or logging in and out of different systems, Greenhouse Onboarding provides People teams and Hiring Managers with a structured and automated onboarding process to set up new hires to become productive and active members of the company from the moment an offer is accepted. Greenhouse, together with HelloSign, ensures a smooth and seamless experience to complete administrative tasks quickly and easily so People teams can focus on giving new hires a great experience.

"El objetivo de las Contrataciones de Greenhouse es crear una experiencia automatizada y fluida para que los nuevos empleados se conviertan en miembros productivos y activos de la empresa más rápido. La integración de firmas electrónicas de HelloSign sirve como una parte importante de esto para brindar a nuestros clientes una experiencia de contratación perfecta e ininterrumpida".

Aaron Gilbralter, director de ingeniería de productos en Greenhouse
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The Solution

An Uninterrupted Signing Experience

Deploying a strategic onboarding program has the power to increase employee engagement, reduce churn, and directly support business goals. Greenhouse Onboarding focuses on the first few months of an employee’s journey in their new role, providing a central hub for company resources and ensuring that every piece of information the HR team needs is submitted by the candidate in a timely manner.

HelloSign API offers several benefits to Greenhouse, including fully customizable branding to deliver a seamless signing experience. Premium branding functionality delivers a critical piece to the Greenhouse Onboarding process by automating manual tasks and creating a cohesive experience. This new approach allows People teams to focus on strategy and culture-building, making sure new hires feel welcomed and are ramped up in no time. It also provides a cohesive brand experience so a new hire’s onboarding process is seamless with no friction or confusion. Greenhouse’s Director of Product Engineering, Aaron Gibralter, explains,

“The ability to brand different solutions used throughout the onboarding process provides users with a cohesive experience. Removing this barrier allows new hires to focus on the company culture and team they’ve chosen to be a part of.”

Having a fully embedded signing experience is also an important factor in bringing a user-friendly signing experience to the onboarding process—and one that only HelloSign offers. “Other providers in the market require customers to have their own accounts to integrate eSignatures into an application, which makes the process more complicated and fragmented for new hires. HelloSign has enabled our customers to get up and running without additional time or barriers. We care deeply about user experience, which influences our decision to align with companies that believe in producing a clean UX/UI environment.”

The Results

Over 10,000 Signatures a Month and Growing

The Greenhouse Onboarding solution helps companies of all sizes onboard over 10,000 new hires each month. HelloSign’s API plays an important role by scaling its product to Greenhouse’s growing usage and customer demand.

Flexibility for Distributed Work Environments

Flexible remote work is no longer a nice to have—it’s a requirement for every business. Moving towards fully digital workflows removes the time-consuming and inefficient processes of pen and paper. Creating a digital eSignature experience offers recruiters a valuable process when making the transition to remote hiring. HelloSign eSignature is a proven best practice for any industry leading company, and HelloSign’s API aligns with Greenhouse’s goal to bring a more flexible alternative to the traditional onboarding process.

100% Seamless Signing

A fully premium branded signing process means an optimized experience for new hires. With HelloSign’s API embedded into the Greenhouse Onboarding solution, new hires avoid having to log in and out of multiple systems or create new accounts to complete their onboarding documents. It’s a seamless, smooth, and user-friendly experience.

The Future

What's next for Greenhouse

Greenhouse is recognized as a leader in the talent acquisition industry and used by some of the smartest and most successful global companies, such as HubSpot, Cisco Meraki and Dropbox. As Greenhouse continues to grow globally, partnering with companies like HelloSign will help meet the diverse needs of People teams everywhere.

HelloSign makes sending, receiving, and managing legally binding eSignatures smooth and seamless. As a Dropbox company, HelloSign is trusted by millions of users around the world. Our eSignature product is a leader in the market with an award-winning API. To learn more, speak to our sales team or request a demo today.

Greenhouse is using HelloSign to improve people’s onboarding.
Greenhouse is using HelloSign to improve people’s onboarding.
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