ZeroCater Makes Employee Onboarding Fast and Snappy With HelloSign

ZeroCater Uses HelloSign

No matter the industry, the location, or size – there’s one thing every company has in common: employees eat. No company knows this better than ZeroCater, a corporate catering platform currently serving 6 markets nationwide. ZeroCater partners with local restaurants, food trucks, and caterers to deliver quality food to high growth startups and Enterprise corporations. 

ZeroCater also uses HelloSign to power the logistics behind hiring a great team – and benefits from an onboarding flow that’s often completed in less than a full day. 

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About ZeroCater

Like many companies, ZeroCater was created on a foundation of spreadsheets, great ideas, and passion. 

Matt Greenburg, ZeroCater's Head of Talent, shared: 

“The founder went through YC in 2011. They were intent on figuring out a way to simplify catering in a corporate environment, while still taking employee preferences and needs into account.” 

Despite a high demand for great catering solutions, the options were subpar, expensive, and limited. ZeroCater was created to fill that void, much to the delight of their future customers. 

“Not only can the promise of great office meals help companies recruit new employees (especially in a competitive market), the ritual of bringing people together over a meal encourages teams and employees to connect. It strengthens relationships and as a result, team dynamics.” 

With thousands of customers and over 350 restaurant partners nationally – and having recently raised 4.1M to accelerate their business – the company is growing at a rapid clip. To keep up with their impressive growth it’s essential they maintain a rock solid employee onboarding workflow. 

That’s where HelloSign comes in.

How ZeroCater Uses HelloSign

To power the logistics behind hiring, the HR team uses HelloSign to onboard every new employee to ZeroCater. 

“We use HelloSign in a few different ways: for all our recruiting and HR offer letters, NDAs, confidentiality agreements, employee onboarding updates, new hires paperwork, contracts, subscriptions, service level agreements.” 

Onboarding is completed online with nary a printer or fax machine in sight. HR doesn’t have to deal with paper documents, and neither do new employees. 

Having a smooth hiring experience is music to HR’s ears: 

“The biggest benefit of using HelloSign is reducing the time-to-hire. Most of our offers get signed within 24 hours (and that includes getting it signed by the CEO).” 

New employees, on the other hand, benefit from an almost effortless onboarding flow and great user experience. As for what kind of feedback ZeroCater gets from employees about their hiring process: “In this case no news is great news. The process is so seamless that we don’t hear much from the other end. It just works – and works well.”

What’s Next for ZeroCater

Since launching, ZeroCater has expanded into six markets: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, New York, and Washington DC. And while catering is the foundation of the offering, it’s just one pillar among many they want to offer to help make food simple for companies. 

“As ZeroCater continues to expand, we’re serving larger scale corporations. We plan to use HelloSign to sign more complex contracts, faster.”

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