The Roadmap to Modernizing Your Insurance Agency

The Roadmap to Modernizing Your Insurance Agency

Insurance agencies are competing in a world that is constantly evolving at an ever increasing pace. What was standard yesterday is outdated today. Agents and brokers that adapt in this world of constant change will do more than survive, they’ll thrive. 

Our new eBook will equip you with the information you need to be one of those successful insurance agencies. 

We gathered five insurance thought leaders and asked them “What does a modern insurance agency look like?” In this eBook, they share practical steps you can take on the road to modernizing your agency. These experts include Randy Schwantz (sales), Rick Morgan (digital marketing), Roper DeGarmo (remote collaboration), Jon Persky (hiring), and Steve Anderson (customer experience). 

There are dozens of ways an agency can modernize, but be careful not to just bolt on new digital tools to a traditional structure. A modern agency thinks digital first. This roadmap will help you get there. 

Download The Roadmap to Modernizing Your Insurance Agency today and learn:

  • How to plan for extraordinary growth
  • How to transform marketing success
  • Strategies to develop a plan and toolkit that makes remote work successful
  • Techniques to reboot your approach to hiring
  • How to use a digital workflow to improve customer experience

Be a digital leader!

Download "The Roadmap to Modernizing Your Insurance Agency"

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