Uses HelloSign for Every Dollar of Revenue (and More!) Uses HelloSign is an international network and marketplace for technical freelance professionals. They connect qualified tech experts with companies that need them most. 

“We help any person — from an owner of a SaaS startup, to an executive at a larger company — easily spin up and work with a fully managed virtual engineering team.” uses HelloSign to ensure everything operates flawlessly on the admin side. It’s proven instrumental in helping the company create a successful (and lucrative) hiring experience for both client and freelancers. shared: “We use HelloSign for every single dollar of revenue and much, much more.” 

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More About started in 2011 with a very specific aim: “Initially, we started the business to help talented programmers from the open source community find freelance gigs.” 

The concept evolved as fought to align economic incentives for both freelancers and their potential customers. 

“Over the years, as the business has grown and matured, we have found ourselves fulfilling a pronounced need experienced by nearly every company in existence - the need for a constant pipeline of professional and dependable technical talent who interact as partners, not priced-out commodities.” 

They now match companies with teams of vetted freelance professionals. And with over 24,000 verified freelancers in their pool, they always have experts ready to tackle any job – ranging from web applications and UX strategy, to mobile apps and project management.

How Uses HelloSign

Every project facilitated by the team requires that freelancers be properly onboarded. This, of course, requires paperwork. Several documents must be completed before work can begin (or end). uses HelloSign to facilitate them all. 

“Every interaction begins and ends with HelloSign at the forefront. Initial conversations with potential customers are kicked off with our standard NDA form, which then transitions to our Letter of Engagement.
At the conclusion, client projects are wrapped up with our Project Completion agreement - a formal sign-off on deliverables and assets made easy through a few checkmarks and a signature.”

What initially required tons of time and tedium can now be easily and quickly completed online.

Results After Introducing HelloSign

Eliminating standard paperwork inefficiencies (like printing and faxing) improved their time-to-hire, helping them close more clients faster.

“[HelloSign] has allowed us to move faster with our clients and with our freelancers, which in turn has allowed us to be useful sooner. 
We have been able to sign up more clients, and more developers, at a faster rate, with less administrative time on a per user basis. This has been tremendous for us.” 

Beyond the positive ROI for their business, the aesthetic of HelloSign has been a great fit. “We chose HelloSign because of your user experience. It’s clear that you put a lot of care into designing your product experience. We appreciate that, and that’s why we’re sticking around.” 

Feedback from customers has also been positive. 

“It’s seamless and easy. Our customers are thrilled; and because they are thrilled, we are thrilled.”

What’s Next for

“By 2020 half the knowledge work in the US will be performed by remote individuals and teams. We’re going to help them all work through We want to change the way business owners work with freelancers in every dimension — from improving their peace of mind, to the quality of results they’re able to generate.HelloSign is helping us get there.”

Más información

Visit to learn more about their company. Tell them we said “hello”! If you’d like to learn how HelloSign can help you keep a tight running onboarding program, visit our website.      

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