eSignatures Create Efficiency for Enplug's Growing Business

Enplug and HelloSign

Digital marketing and social media have touched almost every aspect of a business. Even digital signage has been reimagined to incorporate new technologies. Enplug has built the next generation network of intelligent displays and uses HelloSign for eSignatures to manage its document workflow. 

Enplug Social Media Displays start the conversation on social for businesses. Enplug's digital signage plug and play device turns any digital display into an interactive and real-time marketing tool for businesses. Enplug's device plugs into any TV, display or projector via HDMI. The Enplug App Market lets businesses pick from a variety of apps to display, including live social media feeds, advertisements, news feeds, weather and more. 

Enplug increases a business's social media exposure, impressions, and engagement through the social media display. Customers have seen an increase in sales by up to 28%. 

Enplug’s most popular app is the live social feed, where businesses can display a live Twitter wall, Instagram wall, Yelp wall, Facebook feed, Swarm feed and more. Customers can post using a business’s handle or hashtag and they’ll appear on the display within seconds. Businesses can manage their display straight through Enplug's web app, available for any laptop, tablet or smartphone. All updates are sent to the display instantly, via WIFI. 

Developers can create apps for the Enplug App Market with the company’s SDK. 

Choosing HelloSign for eSignatures 

Enplug’s business development and sales teams grew quickly soon after launching their product. Relationships with clients are hands-on and they needed to find a way to get contracts signed easily and efficiently. From the start, Enplug knew a paperless solution was essential to grow revenue and manage its document workflow.

“When we first tried HelloSign we were scaling our sales and business development teams quickly and we had a serious pain point in our contract management and signing process. We had issues with old versions of contracts being sent out and technical issues with signable PDFs. 
The efficiency of HelloSign allowed us to focus on our core competencies and close more deals,” explains CTO Alex Ross.

Enplug also chose HelloSign for its ease-of-use and simplicity onboarding their busy and rapidly growing sales and business development teams. HelloSign has made an impact throughout the company – client contracts and forms, partnership documents and investor agreements.

“HelloSign is the easiest, smoothest, electronic signature software I have ever used. It allows our team to close deals quicker and easier. HelloSign plays a significant role in our success,” shares Jessie Kim, Head of Partnerships.

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